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 Jin jing (group) co., LTD. (stock code: 600586), since 1904, China set up the first glass company, bear the flat glass 107 years of Chinese history and civilization. Jin jing is the glass, soda ash and the extension of product development, production, processing and management as its main business, and gradually enter the solar energy and new materials, energy-saving new materials in the field of large-scale group company, is a national high-tech enterprises, China's new material base backbone enterprises.

 Shandong Haitian biological chemical co., LTD., affiliated Yu Jinjing group, extends the industrial chain, with the domestic and foreign well-known colleges and universities jointly developed with baking soda and purely natural plants surfactant as main component of washing products - "double zero" brand fruit and vegetable net net, tableware, etc. Series of products.

 This product has the characteristics of zero, zero residual, does not add any preservatives, thickening agent, can be widely used in fruit and vegetable washing, tableware cleaning, home cleaning and washing underwear and infant supplies, is the first choice for green healthy life that occupy the home products.