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State Grain Administration promulgated the "Provisional Regulations of grain and oil storage security responsibilities."

4 from the National Food Authority was informed that, in response to the security of stored grain under the pressure of high inventory, the full implementation, compacted layers of security responsibility to store grain and oil, grain and oil to ensure the safe storage, the Bureau formulated the "Provisional Regulations on grain and oil storage security responsibilities."

State Grain Administration official said, the security of stored grain must implement the "prevention first, comprehensive prevention and control" approach, adhere to the "who stored grain, who is responsible for" "Who's bad food, who bear responsibility" principle, the establishment of grain and oil storage units, policy implementation body, grain administrative department of clear responsibilities, division of labor, the organic unity of the grain storage safety responsibility system.

Interim Provisions that grain and oil storage units are safe grain storage first main responsibility for the safety of the grain storage units bear the main responsibility for the work, should conscientiously implement the national and local provisions on safe grain storage, policies and standards, establish and improve warehouse management and grain storage safety rules and regulations, accounting risks and contingency plans. Post clear division of responsibilities, tasks, duty, responsibility to the people.

Interim Provisions clear, local people's governments above the county level administrative department of food safety work is not as chaotic as grain storage, assumed responsibility ineffective by the superior grain administrative department interviews, ordered to make corrections, give notice, included the location of food safety responsibility examination results; and according to the seriousness of the dereliction of duty, malfeasance cases, according to discipline in accordance with regulations of the executives directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given appropriate disciplinary and administrative sanctions.

Meanwhile, the Interim Provisions clear that any unit or individual grain storage work safety law violations and grain storage safety problems, have the right to report to the administrative department of food. Grain administrative department after receiving the report, it shall be verified in accordance with regulations to deal with.